TDWI San Diego

Wow what a real interesting event – education by the bucket load and then the chance to explain to people about Quest Softwares entry into the BI Space and demonstrate our two tools to assist both IT and the Business to gain insight quickly.   I have had really positive feedback from everyone who came to visit and watch the demonstrations and look forward in the coming months to forging good relationships with our beta testing community.  Toad for Data Analyst 3.0 will be launched towards the end of September and Quest BI Studio will remain as a freeware beta programme until at least December – we want your help to make sure that the product fulfills all your needs.  Quest BI Studio already has along with TDA 3.0 full connectivity to most data sources including cloud and your corporate BI systems and with its easy to use graphical interface and three analytical views which are designed for the business user should allow faster time to analytics within your company.  Pleases feel free to post messages and questions on the community site.



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2 responses to “TDWI San Diego

  1. Peter,

    I am a Sr. Marketing Manager in the Business Development department at TDWI. I like you comments and would like to use the first two sentences as a testimonial with your permission.

    Janine Patry
    Sr. Marketing Manager

  2. Janine I have replied privately in an email but thanks for your comment and interest in my blog.



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