Where are BI Systems, Applications and Tools heading in the next ten years?

I am very excited with all things BI at the moment, a lot of the mega vendors are tearing around in development trying to catch up with the independent vendors who have realized that the future of Business Intelligence is based upon the idea that the end users who need the insight into their businesses are the people who really need to control what, how and when BI is delivered.  These vendors are having a major impact on the BI Space – they are innovative, progressive and determined to succeed in an area which for the last ten years has seen a 90% failure rate.

The following are my picks for the requirements for future systems – at all levels of the enterprise -which will be needed to succeed in the BI space of the future:

  • In Memory Analytics that the user controls in real time
  • Simplicity of Data Search, Detection and Integration
  • Ability to connect to any and all data sources including the Corporate BI semantic layer
  • Speed, Speed and more Speed
  • Ease of use
  • Collaboration
  • Continuity and governance of corporate BI and business statistical data

More to follow:


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